AI features

Learn about Intuitive Code's solutions comprising unique, invaluable strategic features powered by artificial intelligence to help investors outperform in the financial markets.

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Artificial Intelligence Analysis with AI Avatars

We combine multiple technologies like artificial intelligence algorithms, chatGPT, and AI Avatars to automatically generate real-time financial analysis, including Live trading. Our case studies demonstrate that an AI Avatar outperforms Wall Street analysts, market pros, and seasoned investors.

When buying a plan, you get multiple AI avatar analyses for the portfolio suggested by the algorithm, including updates for one year. However, you can opt-in to buy a single one for the company you would like to invest in.

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AI Lying Detector, the Ultimate Risk Analysis tool

The AI Lying Detector is the ultimate risk analysis tool for professional investors to demystify the Myth of the Super-Rich, Geniuses, and Famous. There are no myths, cults, or miracles.

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Emotion Analytics to Monetize Induced and Irrational Behaviours.

Firstly, use AI Sentiment Analysis to evaluate and induce sentiment change, then use Emotion Analytics to monetize upon investors' extreme behaviors by assuming calculated bets against the naive. Finally, predictive modeling automatically calculates the potential return on investment.

Emotion Analytics is a high-added-value tool for professional investors to assess financial risk and the corresponding reward. We invite you to see hundreds of real-time forecasts to conclude that our work and results are unique compared to any other entity.

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AI Pattern Analysis on automated decision-making algorithms.

The algorithm identifies a pattern and then computes the evolution of the asset, determining probabilistic scenarios. Then, it intelligently assigns the optimum trading strategy based on successful previous experiences and current trading, delivering an adaptive computational model for humans and robots to execute.

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Contrarian investing strategies powered by AI algorithms and trading experts.

It is a waste of time and money to rely on Wall Street, gurus, the media, and the emotional crowd to succeed in investing in the markets. Instead, adopting a contrarian approach with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate the risk of investing and prevent emotional biases and human errors is preferable, giving a far superior return on investment.

Brace for AI Impact

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Autonomous Trading Robots

Learn about the benefits of using autonomous trading robots to succeed in investing compared to traditional approaches. We designed these robots to analyze market data and execute trades based on pre-programmed rules and strategies.

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