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How we do it

Using algorithms and our expertise in numerous fields, we aim to accurately predict the price evolution of different assets like stocks, forex, commodities, and ETFs. Intuitive Code AI algorithms deliver up to 100% accurate real-time trading signals and highly accurate analytics for professional investors to outperform in the financial markets. Our expert insights include easy-to-use real-time visual instructions with market impact. Unlike others, our unmatched public record goes back to 1989, discussing how to invest successfully in leading companies since IPO.

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What is an autonomous AI algorithm?

While autonomous driving aims to go from point A to B without human intervention, remaining an illusion today, the autonomous algorithm powered by artificial intelligence, our expertise, and intuition is self-adaptive and capable of managing the complexity of investing in the markets, regardless of conditions and financial assets.

So, while autonomous driving eventually will take you to point B, your chosen destination, the autonomous AI algorithm will take you to the best destination in the universe of all potential destinations, contemplating the worst and best-case scenarios during your journey.

You comprehend the concept and the outcome by watching an example.

Intuitive Code's tip: You recognize value by its simplicity, consistent results, and user experience, helping one to outperform regardless of market conditions. Intuitive Code's algorithms, analytics, and predictive modeling deliver the best results pulverizing industry records year after year and establishing market milestones.

Vectors to reach success

  • Capital markets expertise (stocks, ETF, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities)

  • How geopolitics impact the financial markets

  • How can climate change impact the financial markets

  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the financial markets

  • The need for a talented team covering strategic fields


A talented team discusses the value of using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Emotions Analytics (EA), Applied Behavior Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, and Algorithms to succeed in investing in the capital markets in sectors like technology, biotechnology, software, retail, space, fintech, social media, forex, and commodities.

Eternal principles

Learn about some of the principles we developed and adhere to.

  • Critical thinking

  • Hard work

  • Commitment

  • Freedom

  • Mission-driven

  • Analytical excellence

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