autonomous app

Intuitive Code's autonomous team uses the Butter Live meetings app for epic live trading, webinars, workshops, training, and real-time traders' coaching.

Intuitive Code's tip: learn how our team uses these features, sharing their insights with you in real-case scenarios.

Autonomous app

The autonomous app is for clients' use only and is only available in the Light One, Intuitive One, and Autonomous One plans.

The autonomous app works pretty much like the Netflix app; however, we have additional features focused on Livestream and training, which don't exist on Netflix.

Who has access?

The table describes the plans which currently include access to the autonomous app.

Analysis on video is no longer available on ClickUp. We offer a much better viewing experience in the autonomous app. In addition, we might substitute the app with the main site in future versions.

How does the app work?

Log in to the app to find your content. We identify each video with a thumbnail corresponding to the plan it is included in. For example, an Intuitive One user will see content for Light One and Intuitive One; however, Light One users cannot view Intuitive One content.

Get started with the autonomous app.

Before accessing your content, you must complete the following tasks

  1. Create an app account (we send you a link by email to create one)

  2. Update your profile

  3. Inform us by secure messaging that you successfully created an app account

  4. Wait for our secure message validating your new app account

  5. Log out, clear your browser's cache, then log in to the app to view content.

✨ Enjoy!

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